Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Decoration DIY

The girls LOVE decorating for any holiday.
And this year, they seem a little more open to a scary Halloween.

We decided to make some decorations that will last a lifetime,
that they can have in their own homes when they have children.

And of course used our natural talents to accomplish something fun and unique...

We picked out some creepy clothes, old dolls, and headed out to the historical (and creepy!) Pacetti gravesite here in Ponce Inlet for the first one. 

Madee doesn't want to play with that doll anymore. ::cure creepy evil laugh::

For pumpkin patch pictures, I requested they give me their best impression of a zombie.
Then I edited it for fun.

This one was just naturally creepy.

This was my favorite.
Just cuteness and fun!

Then Madelyn and I went rogue for some ghost shots...

I don't even know if we are done yet!
We have been having so much fun!

We will be framing these in blask filigree frames, except the best one,
which will be blown up for spotlighting!

Creepy family photos! FUN!

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