Wednesday, June 1, 2011


To say it flew by doesn't cut it. Some of it hasn't been easy. There is plenty more "not easy" to come. But, oh, kid if I had to climb into the sky to hang the moon back in its right place for you, I would.

You are easily the most affectionate, huggingEST little lady on the planet. If only a leg is available, you will hang on tight and if you happen by a neck, you will choke a sister out with your hard, tight love arms.

My uterus is some little tiny car that popped out 2 goofy clowns. You kill me with your funny, your lips all pursed when you try not to laugh at your own joke. I love the way you bust into a room, "Hey GUYS? GUYS!" and never get tired of hearing you say, "WOOK at ME! imma PWINCESS!".

Yes, honey, YES YOU ARE.

You BUILD stuff. I mean construct and engineer and demolish and raise back up again. I love watching your little brain figure out what's going on in front of you.

You think too much.
But that's an admirable quality.

You are a delight, Eden. A wonderful, strong, sensitive beam of joy's pure light.
Happy Birthday, Baby.
Thank you for rounding us out.


Sluiter Nation said...

this is so incredibly sweet. little man will be two in 23 days.

Why do they grow up so fast?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my sweet little Eden.

Babydreams2011 said...


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