Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lovely Country Wedding

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Finally Here!

Today is the last day of Hana-K.

What's Hana-K? Well it's the 8 days of K's birthday, that have in the past been known to be stretched into 12 or more days and has easily some years only barely been celebrated at all, but Hana-K?

It's kind of my thing.

And today? Well today, internetz it just has to be the last day because I just won't fit in my pants/skirts/airline seats if it goes on one. more. day.

And I mean starting TOMORROW.

Anyhoo, here is a break down of fun Hana-K happenings.

First of all, do I look any different? Um, I mean MY BLOG. See I have this awesome friend with even more awesome timing that just gussied things up around here for us. Maybe you know Dana Sears?

If you don't? Well she is one of my favourite Canadians, and she was asking for my button and I was all, "I haz no clue of this button you speak" and she was all "I can make button, you can HAZ button," and I was all, "Serious? YAY!"

And next thing you know, nonsense led to further nonsense and voila! We haz all new design around here!


2? Have any of you seen this little waterproof sport camera? It does video, and I will be finding out more about that in the coming days, but all the pictures for this post are courtesy of this little sport dude, who is waterproof up to 9 feet.

I think he will get along with us just great, we tend to create puddles.

Also? To make dragging the room-sized DSLR around all the time a little easier and more fashionable? Boom Boom bought me this little guy.


I, too, am in love.

I saw a lady on the Lake Eola playground that had her little rebel in it, and I just HAD TO have it. immediately. Feel the same way? Go Here. Seriously, I can understand if you HAVE to have one. I totally felt that way, too.

So Friday was Cassie's birthday. Cassie and I were roommates on BROADWAY (stories to follow at some time, but TOO GOOD to get into right now.)

Cassie's birthday actually falls during Hana-K (lucky!) and so I drove back to BROADWAY for an adventure (because it is always an adventure) and here I am driving while doing stuff I shouldn't be doing while driving.

And then I had to save RufRuf from this enormous RED SHOE!

The theme was Native American as it was "Native American Day" and instead of party hats, Carol got little bands to put feathers in.


In honor of "Native American Day" Carol made Buffalo Stew. Have I ever told you how I have a hard time swallowing "game meat"?

It is a totally psychological issue, because this stew? was the BUFFALO BOMB.

But this is still me finding out that it is buffalo.

A lot of peoples "birthday hats" looked more like "hair nets". This was NOT a posed picture I have no clue what the FISH FACES are about.


"I wish my smurf cake makes K fat!"

I ate all of that. Okay, haha. I ate the cut out piece too.

Smurf Cake. WHO KNEW?

I lived on BROADWAY a loooooong time ago.

Like skinny and blonde ago.


I might need to cut my hair short again. Ono and I look SO YOUNG!

Also for my birthday? My old laptop is magically working again! So I didn't have to buy a new laptop yet. I think we all know I am holding out for a Mac next time!

Saturday our neighborhood had some sort of garage sale extravaganza, (YAY!) and I found lots of killer deals, but these orange IKEA chairs I have wanted for a year, but not wanted to pay $40 a piece for? YEP. got 4 of them for $20.

Inside, outside, STACKABLE and I can fully hose them down. ::sigh::


Sunday? Brunch and antique browsing with Jules.

I want his for my birthday but it seems it is somebody else's.

::pouty lip::

I love doors. LOVE THEM.
I will be going back with the DSLR to re-photograph these for my bedroom. Want them too? Because I will be putting them in my upcoming e-store!

Flowers from Boom Boom. Have I mentioned lately that he just takes my breath away? On. the. daily.

I love that man.

I mean a CRAZY kind of love.

Grandmama and Grandaddy came over for dinner too! They brought awesome pizza and ICE CREAM CAKE (fat!) and presents and party hats!

Look how HAPPY she is with her hat! HAHAHAHAHA!

And this morning? Well it smells like someone slipped a little Irish Cream in my coffee, I'm just swimming birthday wishes all over the internet (innernet FAMOUS!) and the PO lady just delivered a new Better Homes and Gardens. (HELLS YEAH)

I hope everybody else's Hana-K is cheery and bright!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Birthday Shenanigans

Well this is what it looked like yesterday morning, but I have already straightened out the top line, added an "F" and taken out the inadequate"A".

I love the little V.
But I have 4 letters left to go .

This has been at least a year in the making and I will tell you guys ALL ABOUT IT soon, but I did want to share how it is looking so far, because I just can't wait.

Eden says, "Look at all this room we have for ACTIVITIES~!"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fairy Tails and Owwws

Eden's bangs are all out of control lately, and I refuse to cut her curls.
Come to think of it, Madee's bangs are pretty long lately too, they have been sporting the same little Pebbles Flintstone ponytail on top of their noggins.

Madee calls them "Fairy Tails" and takes hers out right away.

Eden calls them "Owwwwws"

They are really enjoying the beach these days. They could play in sand and water till cows come home.

Also? BOATS!

It is a total score!

And Boom Boom is getting the hang of this surfing thing. So he looks all kinds of happy at the beach too.

"Take me surfing, Daddy?"

These girls are total beach babes now. With their little princess wings? They have the confidence to take on all the fishes!

Gorgeous beach bum smile.

"I go surpin TOO!"

I like to bite this chin meat.

Madee just looks so natural on the beach. Her hair, her swagger, like she was made for surfing.

I die of her cuteness DAILY.
Seriously. Somebody pull out the paddles.

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