Monday, September 6, 2010

Obama, Narwhals, and Turkey Dogs, OH MY!

There really is NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

I almost HATE talking about my dreams, because, let's face it. Even without a peek into my twisted little uncontrollable dreamworld, people think I am, I don't know, weird?

Well lately my dreams have been action packed and chock full of zombies and narwhals and me picking fights with Obama because he won't talk to me at some party, when let's face it, he should be BEGGING me to be his head of security detail.

Or at least give me one of those little headsets thingys.

But I ramble off to the side sometimes.

The other night we came home from our second day in a row at the beach and I was so tired I went straight to bed. No dinner, no TV, no movie, no wine, straight. to. bed.

And one of my less creative dreams of the evening went like this:

I dreamed that Boom Boom ate hot dogs for dinner. But he didn't choose the open pack of of turkey dogs in the fridge, OH NO, he opened the brand new package I had just bought that day.

And I was all, "DUDE! why don't you look around the fridge for the old hot dogs? You need BRAND NEW hot dogs? That is messed up."

And then I proceeded to dream about swimming with the narwhals (not on purpose, mind you) and bullying Obama at a house party.

Can I just interject that I can't write these dreams? I am totally taken hostage by my weird little brain and I am only along for the ride.

Anyhoo, I obviously, eventually woke up.

And that next day as I was fixing lunch for the girls, I go to grab the hot dogs and lo, the new package (I really had been to the grocery the day before) had been opened and 2 of those turkey dogs were missing. After further investigation, I find the old package of hot dogs with, yes, 2 turkey dogs sitting there.

Deja friggity vu.

I run to the back of the house and rush into Boom Boom's office and say,"I TOTALLY had a dream last night that you ate hot dogs out of the NEW PACKAGE when we still had hot dogs left in the OLD PACKAGE and when I woke up this morning? I found out my dream was TRUE!"

Then I asked him, "I mean, I went to bed last night, right? I didn't get up and eat hot dogs, did I?"

And he was all, "Nope."

And I was all, "Well you better watch yourself, buddy, because obviously I am psychic and see everything you are doing, even in my sleep."

And he was all, "CREEEEEPY."

I know, right?

So i guess I should go ahead and write a letter of apology to the president in case that whole little "misunderstanding" may have actually happened too.


The Corbett Kid. said...

now i want a hot dog.

LeeAnn said...

Oh yeah, definitely CREEEEPY. Everyone in your house better watch out! ;-)

Sluiter Nation said...

only you...YOU...could make such a bizzaro dream sound funny...and real. Thank you for directing me here. Now I can sleep. And dream about turkey dogs.


Anonymous said...

I'm with the first comment, now I want a hot dog! I have some severally messed up dreams too, so far none have come true though.

Umm.. plus if your dreams come true tonight dream about me coming to visit this weekend okay?!

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