Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quick note


It is just one of those mornings that the little life-suckers are winning. Last night was Boom Boom's birthday and we went downtown to watch football on 30 screens and eat yet another plate of nachos.

The kids have been whining since 4:30 and they didn't get enough sleep. They couldn't have possibly gotten enough sleep, because *I* didn't get enough sleep.

Madee has started this thing where when she doesn't get what she wants she starts SCREAMING/CRYING like that is going to get her results.

It gets her sent to her room. This morning she was SCREAMING/CRYING because I didn't roll out of bed fast enough (or something) and let me tell you, it is LIFE SUCKING.

Eden has some KING KING molars or grinders or whatever kind of evil teeth are coming in, so at least I can rationalize the screamy noises emitting from her angry little person. Whoever invented Ora-gel? BRILLIANT.

If only they made some for my ears/brain/ears again.

The fat old ornery lawn guy is here wacking the lawn and taking no names, and I have been following my screamers around trying to get some good video before I take the rentals back. Madee should be a director. She is constantly telling me what to do with the camera and who to take a picture of. LIKE I DON'T KNOW.

Anyway, I keep telling her I don't know what I am doing most of the time, but that is part of my charm and stop trying to stifle me!

Also? I just got an email asking me if I would recommend DELTA airlines to my friends. I don't fee like filling out the survey, but let me tell YOU friends, I certainly would!

A Happy Birthday shout out to Boom Boom who is so hot and still running circles around younger dudes in the the circles he runs in. You are the love of my life and God couldn't have created any person so perfect for me.

Really. You are the BOMB BOMB.


And now for what I KNOW you came here for. More wedding pictures...

Isn't she lovely?


Genina said...

Hey Missy!

Beautiful Photos.
Hugs to you (re: your screamers)

xo xo.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Boom Boom!! Hope the kids and you can get some rest tonight and SERIOUSLY lady those pictures are stunning!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. My wife rocks....just saying.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Boom Boom!

I got you some cinnamon toast crunch, but I eated it.

Anonymous said...

Bummer...I love me some cinnamon toast crunch. It is the thought that counts. Thanks Matt

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