Monday, August 22, 2011

The Girls

Due to some technical difficulties, last week was a little heinous, but here we are.
The girls and I went to a garage sale last week, and before we left the house they got into my "hair bob and baby jewelry" bin and went wild accessorizing themselves.

Madee has a bra strap on as a necklace.
She is pretty much brilliant when it comes to style.

And Eden? Oh, you, pretty little Eden "bwashing" your "hay-oo" in your "DOWA DWESS!"

They seriously left the house like that, only also with purses.
And I had to walk around resuscitating everyone who laid eyes on them, because their cuteness was so overwhelming that everybody was DYING from it.

Like, they are literally, too freaking cute.

See also: BEST FWENDS.

And who is everybody's favorite fur baby?
Ono says "Hi GRAMMEE! (save me!)"

We have hurricane rumors flying around here, so we will be preparing for what we can before the storm hits. (if it does). We will keep in touch, but we have lots to do!

Lots of love!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ferris Wheel

Because Cousin Time is memory time, and what makes better memories than a ride up high in the sky?

It's pretty rad to be aunts and uncles.
I have the best memories of my aunts and uncles.
They were so cool.

Checking out proofs before the fun is even over.

Ferris Wheel
I love watching the girls get a little nervous before we load up.

And I love the awe on their faces as they go higher in the sky than they thought they ever could.

Sometimes when Madee is all dressed up and in her Easter shoes I think she is growing up too fast.
She tells me all the time she wants to grow up NOW.
I tell her I remember feeling that way.
And maybe she should just take it slow and have fun being a kid.

Eden LOVES the ferris wheel.
She thinks she can FWY!

What better way to end a day than margaritas and snacks!
The kids loved these little umbrellas.

And just maybe we did, too!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


These 3 just fell right into their vacation together like it hadn't even been 6 months since they saw each other.
Cousin love.
It makes me swoon.

How super fun for them to be the little gaggle of girls of the family
and pretty much be the same age.
They are just all so cute together.
Like the 3 musketeers.
Only cuter and less facial hair.

Of course they are almost even more powerful when they are together,
since they form this sort of familial support team.
They totally had each others' backs.
For the most part.

And if things got a little too heated?
We'd just throw them in the pool.

Because, seriously, cooling off calms you down.

They had so much fun together that I can't wait to get them back together again.
I love watching them make memories together.
Childhood memories that are steeped in all the glory of new imaginations.

And I hope they still all want to sleep together in the same room until they are like, 25.

Of course I have lots more pictures to share.
See ya tomorrow!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Last of the Inside

So I hope you have been having fun going through my house.
Even though nobody said anything about the girls' room, it's kind of my favorite, and certainly the least occupied at any time throughout the day or night.

Maybe that is why I like it so much.
It's (usually) clean and quiet.

Okay no wait, I LOVE the playroom.
Especially since most of the kids' junk fits in there nicely.

Wait, maybe you haven't even seen my favorite room yet.
Let's walk through this door.
And I will show you the bedroom...

Mah bed.

My bed is one of absoLOO favorite pieces of furniture.
(Thanks MOM!)

Okay maybe ALL my favorite things are in my bedroom?
Because I adore the little side table we got for our wedding present from Auntie Tooie.
Because I LOVE the swirls in the candelabra.

And oh, the curves of this headboard.
I get lost in it.

Oh, and that lamp?

It was my Grandmama's lamp, so it is a TOP 3 favorite house thing.
Especially since I got close up for this shot and discovered the seahorse.
Do you see him?
It's like he couldn't be more perfect for a beach house.

And this is the wall I lay and stare at as I try to force sleep back out of my life for the day.
You DO know how good for you it is to lazily gaze at the things you love?
It is SO GOOD for your brain.
To see yourself happy.

Back to my work space.
It is so nice to have a little area carved out just for me.
A place with natural light.
I still making it "mine".

This is where I keep my littlest feelings!

I only have 2 laptops here because I don't really have 1 that works completely.
I use one for blogging and surfing pages that need cookies enabled.

The other one barfs up cookies, but has a sound card.
One day, I'm gonna get with the times and try to have something a little more...

Doesn't matter.
I'm just so glad to have a space I call "mine!".

So last but not least?

The girls bath is also the pool bath, or "cabana bath" if you want to get all fancy when you say it.
Like I do.

I could have taken better pictures of my my bathroom and closet space, but I didn't.
I mean it has a HUGE separate shower, and the walk in closet is AMAZING but I lost interest in my own photo shoot in favor of other fun things to do.I can really only say that this bathroom/closet area is actually DEFINITELY my totally favorite part of the house.
And it would be yours, too.
Also I turned the water closet into an administrative space and communication mecca for the adults.

So there is ALWAYS reading material.

Hope you had fun!
Didi I leave anything out?
So come on over and see what you missed!

The Great Room

It continues!

So this is the main living area.
I love how it is so open and light.

I tend to take my time finding furniture, and right now most of the seating in the living room is patio furniture.

I am just looking for the perfect lounge-y items to flop into/onto and read up yummy summer romance novels.

I also really enjoy all the open floor space (perfect for yoga!) and we tend to do alot of floor laying anyway with all this comfy carpet.

The girls keep their puzzles and books in this area. We spend a lot of time putting together some puzzles around here.

Again my beach wall.

When the sliders are rid of the little handprints that collect on it, there is a nice view of the pool and yard.

My inspiration color palette.

I LOVE my kitchen. The ENTIRE thing.

I also love my little laundry room. I wish it was a little bit bigger? But I am oh SO thankful it is just indoors!

See ow up under then cabinets there are lights? I literally had NO IDEA until I was going through these pictures.

True story.
And a close up look at my dining table legs. I really like that chunk of wood!

Bathrooms and my bedroom should round out tomorrow!
See you then!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Girls' Room

In looking back at the playroom pictures from yesterday, I noticed I left a lot of the room out of the picture.

Like the bed.
And the play kitchen.

AND the closet, but you won't get a chance to look in there until I get a chance to organize it better!

Anyhoo, I thought I would get to the main house next, but this isn't as organized as I had hoped.
Next on the tour? The Girls' Bedroom.

We like to make an entrance around here.
Sparkly entrance to the princess haven.

I was very excited to have the girl's share a room in this house.
I just figured they were really at the best age to do it, and that it would make things easier when we have guests spend the night.

Plus, this house just needs lots of places for people to sleep, because, duh, beach house.

E's letter e's.

Eden's bed is a cozy mattress on the floor which helps to keep her INSIDE the bed instead of rolling out of it.

My kids love their beds like that.

Madee has a box spring on her side, and when they are good and ready we will add some slats to the frames.

With the little canopies and "sunken" mattresses, it feels super cozy and contained.
Like Genie's bottle.

M's letter m's.

Still room to play, even with 2 beds! and that closet is perfect and fits both of their clothes!

A little star nightlight to keep little ones dreams nice and light.

And a painting I did in college in a fancy frame.

Send me links to your kid's rooms! I would love to see your space!
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