Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ferris Wheel

Because Cousin Time is memory time, and what makes better memories than a ride up high in the sky?

It's pretty rad to be aunts and uncles.
I have the best memories of my aunts and uncles.
They were so cool.

Checking out proofs before the fun is even over.

Ferris Wheel
I love watching the girls get a little nervous before we load up.

And I love the awe on their faces as they go higher in the sky than they thought they ever could.

Sometimes when Madee is all dressed up and in her Easter shoes I think she is growing up too fast.
She tells me all the time she wants to grow up NOW.
I tell her I remember feeling that way.
And maybe she should just take it slow and have fun being a kid.

Eden LOVES the ferris wheel.
She thinks she can FWY!

What better way to end a day than margaritas and snacks!
The kids loved these little umbrellas.

And just maybe we did, too!


Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

Umbrellas make drinks tastier and more thirst quenching. It's a proven fact!

Anonymous said...

Remember that time when Rachel woke the homeless guy on the bench up by poking him while uncle boom boom was in charge of the girls? I do.

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