Monday, August 22, 2011

The Girls

Due to some technical difficulties, last week was a little heinous, but here we are.
The girls and I went to a garage sale last week, and before we left the house they got into my "hair bob and baby jewelry" bin and went wild accessorizing themselves.

Madee has a bra strap on as a necklace.
She is pretty much brilliant when it comes to style.

And Eden? Oh, you, pretty little Eden "bwashing" your "hay-oo" in your "DOWA DWESS!"

They seriously left the house like that, only also with purses.
And I had to walk around resuscitating everyone who laid eyes on them, because their cuteness was so overwhelming that everybody was DYING from it.

Like, they are literally, too freaking cute.

See also: BEST FWENDS.

And who is everybody's favorite fur baby?
Ono says "Hi GRAMMEE! (save me!)"

We have hurricane rumors flying around here, so we will be preparing for what we can before the storm hits. (if it does). We will keep in touch, but we have lots to do!

Lots of love!

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Jo said...

Did you hear that thud? It was me falling over dead from the cute.

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