Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Day of School!

Madee has been DYING to go to school for over a year now, and I started looking for something for her - something PERFECT for her - so it could go as smoothly as possible.

As I called around town, I got a lot of disappointment as preschool directors told me she would be learning her ABC's and colors.

Pshshhht. Eden is already a veteran of those things. Madee would be bored with that sort of agenda.

I wanted Montessori, yet not strictly Montessori. Some place where I knew she would be paid lots of attention, and pulled into a direction based on her own development/capacity/potential.

Some place where she was just as special as she is here at home.

I got a playground "head's up" about a brand new preschool (beachside, even) with a great staff, curriculum, and philosophy.

It was a perfect fit.
I signed her up right away, and we haven't looked back.

And here is my sweet first baby girl, slumming in her backpack and lunchbox like she was born to do this. And, oh my, is she.

Of course Eden thought she was going too.

2 days a week, for 3.5 hours, and it isn't enough for her, oh no.

I know some kids fret about being left at school or away from their parents, but not mu kid. She wonders WHY these kids would ever be crying. Then walks right up and invites them to play with her like a pro.

She wishes it was boarding school.
She has completed 4 days already, and her "pretend play" is increasing exponentially. Also she is teaching us everything she learns at school.

She loves it.
They love her.
Perfect fit for sure...


TheNextMartha said...

Wow. Such a great thing when they take to school like that. So cute too.

Stephanie said...

How sweet! Plus, it takes a load off you from worrying about her adjusting. I bet she's going to love school for a long time.

Jaime said...

Madee's such a stud. Pre-school rules! Aubs goes 5 days a week now so I take GOOD advantage of those 3 hours a day to myself. We miss you out here!

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