Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Great Room

It continues!

So this is the main living area.
I love how it is so open and light.

I tend to take my time finding furniture, and right now most of the seating in the living room is patio furniture.

I am just looking for the perfect lounge-y items to flop into/onto and read up yummy summer romance novels.

I also really enjoy all the open floor space (perfect for yoga!) and we tend to do alot of floor laying anyway with all this comfy carpet.

The girls keep their puzzles and books in this area. We spend a lot of time putting together some puzzles around here.

Again my beach wall.

When the sliders are rid of the little handprints that collect on it, there is a nice view of the pool and yard.

My inspiration color palette.

I LOVE my kitchen. The ENTIRE thing.

I also love my little laundry room. I wish it was a little bit bigger? But I am oh SO thankful it is just indoors!

See ow up under then cabinets there are lights? I literally had NO IDEA until I was going through these pictures.

True story.
And a close up look at my dining table legs. I really like that chunk of wood!

Bathrooms and my bedroom should round out tomorrow!
See you then!


Erin said...

I think I want your house. The master bedroom would have to be a serious mess for me not to beg my husband to buy your house... ;)

Elle The Heiress said...

I love the blue lamp and the lights under the cabinets - even if you didn't know about them. =)

All of our living room furniture is handmedown that my grandparents bought at an estate sale. I'm REALLY looking forward to being able to afford our own one day.

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