Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Last of the Inside

So I hope you have been having fun going through my house.
Even though nobody said anything about the girls' room, it's kind of my favorite, and certainly the least occupied at any time throughout the day or night.

Maybe that is why I like it so much.
It's (usually) clean and quiet.

Okay no wait, I LOVE the playroom.
Especially since most of the kids' junk fits in there nicely.

Wait, maybe you haven't even seen my favorite room yet.
Let's walk through this door.
And I will show you the bedroom...

Mah bed.

My bed is one of absoLOO favorite pieces of furniture.
(Thanks MOM!)

Okay maybe ALL my favorite things are in my bedroom?
Because I adore the little side table we got for our wedding present from Auntie Tooie.
Because I LOVE the swirls in the candelabra.

And oh, the curves of this headboard.
I get lost in it.

Oh, and that lamp?

It was my Grandmama's lamp, so it is a TOP 3 favorite house thing.
Especially since I got close up for this shot and discovered the seahorse.
Do you see him?
It's like he couldn't be more perfect for a beach house.

And this is the wall I lay and stare at as I try to force sleep back out of my life for the day.
You DO know how good for you it is to lazily gaze at the things you love?
It is SO GOOD for your brain.
To see yourself happy.

Back to my work space.
It is so nice to have a little area carved out just for me.
A place with natural light.
I still making it "mine".

This is where I keep my littlest feelings!

I only have 2 laptops here because I don't really have 1 that works completely.
I use one for blogging and surfing pages that need cookies enabled.

The other one barfs up cookies, but has a sound card.
One day, I'm gonna get with the times and try to have something a little more...

Doesn't matter.
I'm just so glad to have a space I call "mine!".

So last but not least?

The girls bath is also the pool bath, or "cabana bath" if you want to get all fancy when you say it.
Like I do.

I could have taken better pictures of my my bathroom and closet space, but I didn't.
I mean it has a HUGE separate shower, and the walk in closet is AMAZING but I lost interest in my own photo shoot in favor of other fun things to do.I can really only say that this bathroom/closet area is actually DEFINITELY my totally favorite part of the house.
And it would be yours, too.
Also I turned the water closet into an administrative space and communication mecca for the adults.

So there is ALWAYS reading material.

Hope you had fun!
Didi I leave anything out?
So come on over and see what you missed!


mikemoore said...

your house is swanky. where is all the clutter? oh wait, it's over at my crib

Anonymous said...

A rolling stone gathers no moss....or in this case, clutter.

Family Sized Fun said...

that is the most beautiful thing i have heard.
i am tempted to give you mom's phone number.
she'd be so proud.

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