Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Girls' Room

In looking back at the playroom pictures from yesterday, I noticed I left a lot of the room out of the picture.

Like the bed.
And the play kitchen.

AND the closet, but you won't get a chance to look in there until I get a chance to organize it better!

Anyhoo, I thought I would get to the main house next, but this isn't as organized as I had hoped.
Next on the tour? The Girls' Bedroom.

We like to make an entrance around here.
Sparkly entrance to the princess haven.

I was very excited to have the girl's share a room in this house.
I just figured they were really at the best age to do it, and that it would make things easier when we have guests spend the night.

Plus, this house just needs lots of places for people to sleep, because, duh, beach house.

E's letter e's.

Eden's bed is a cozy mattress on the floor which helps to keep her INSIDE the bed instead of rolling out of it.

My kids love their beds like that.

Madee has a box spring on her side, and when they are good and ready we will add some slats to the frames.

With the little canopies and "sunken" mattresses, it feels super cozy and contained.
Like Genie's bottle.

M's letter m's.

Still room to play, even with 2 beds! and that closet is perfect and fits both of their clothes!

A little star nightlight to keep little ones dreams nice and light.

And a painting I did in college in a fancy frame.

Send me links to your kid's rooms! I would love to see your space!

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