Monday, September 20, 2010

Outside Dogs

We always seem to relocate during the most extreme weather a new community has to offer. I moved to Tahoe in February, we moved to Duluth, MN in the beginning of January, and we moved here to Orlando in the heat of the end of May.

I don't know, we are weird like that. Go-with-the-flowy.

Also? It makes "status quo" seem "really awesome".

All that said? It is finally September. There is a break in the torturous heat. The kids can actually play outside for usable hours of the day now.

(Insert sigh of contented relief right here.)

We set up the pool, a beach umbrella, a tent, and fun toys.

They can play on the swingset without worrying about a hot HOT slide.

And I? I am up to my eyeballs in things to do, things to get done, and things to add to those lists. Sometimes I get all wonky because I am not the most focused individual, so lately, I have a list, I get Mr. Piggles the time-out timer, and I set it for 20 minutes.

The other day I spent 20 minutes weeding and cleaning out the organic garden to get ready for some fall planting.

As I was sitting there tending to this little patch of land, the kids came up and started pulling and digging and "helping" me.

And although at first I was all, "DUDE! You guys are harshing my mellow by touching all this stuff I am touching!"

I stopped.

I took a few deep breaths.

I realized that I am right where I always pictured myself. I am right where I want to be. I always pictured myself sitting in a garden with my little ones, learning how to grow things together.
It is such a nice feeling to finally have my reality match up with my fantasy. Mr Piggles began to ring and I still sat there, hands in dirt, telling the girls about the plants and dirt and what we would be doing in the coming weeks.

Also? When you turn your focus to 2 toddlers? They begin to ignore you. It's ironic, really. They want your attention so bad and get into everything you are doing until it drives you crazy and then you stop and turn your attention to them and showing them how to do what you are doing and they are SO over it by that time.

And they waddle off in their diaper and leave you to do what you were originally doing. And even though it was a little annoying when they interrupted, it is also sad to see them go wander off and find something else to be interested in.


We are learning about the letter "G" this week.
go go go

And the best part about a lush back yard is bringing it inside to enjoy as well. Do you have a fall garden? What are you planting?

We aren't even sure where to start!

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