Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wordless Wednesday with Extra Ketchup

Have I mentioned this cat's name is Speedbump?

Oh, c'mon even HE thinks it is funny.

This is another pet we have. We choose a specific route in the front of the house not to disturb him. He choose a specific height range to inhabit so as not to disturb us.

Even the postman is respectful and ducks his head everyday to miss Spidey's web.

He's our little buddy.

Oh HAI! I like to climb up on stuff and sit down until someone notices how durn CUTE I am!

The other day at Sea World we went on the rides. Madee LOVED them!

Teacup-type things.

I know Mom is over there somewheres!


Hey Mom!

And we spent a couple days at Cocoa so Dad could get his surf on.

So cute the ocean curls!

We are headed up to the Lake House tomorrow for family fun in the Labor Day sun!


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