Thursday, September 9, 2010

Guest Post - Icy Fists of Fury

I have a pretty vivid dreamscape. In fact? If I could take a pill to make the dreams STOP? I probably would. It's rather annoying.

Last night I had dreams of a zombie apocalypse and let me just tell you those guys are like roaches and can sneak into anywhere.

Did you know you have to actually cut their heads off to get them to leave you alone? GEESH. Junk punches? Totally ineffective.

Anyhoo, do you ever try to punch stuff in your dreams?

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I'd LOVE to tell you more about mine! Today I am guest posting (1st GUEST POST EVAR!) over at Chill Mama Chill so if you want to know the good stuff? You'll have to visit me there to read more...

Oh, and PLEASE poke around her blog a little to see her and her adorable munchkin. OH! and PLEASE leave her (me) a comment or two over there so I can prove to her how loved I am. Only YOU can make my dreams come true!

Love you guys!
You are gonna LOVE Brandee and Ev!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the guest post. And, I hate dream punches.

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