Friday, September 17, 2010

UH-OH! Spaghettios!

Perhaps you wonder what it is I do all day?

Well, there is a WHOLE LOTTA wiping going on in this house!

And a whole lotta playing.

My goofy girl.

Every day she is more than the day before.

This is her favorite face.

Mine too.

Little dirty mouthed angel. Don't get too close - she will EAT YOU UP!


Anonymous said...

omg I love the second to last one!! To freakin' adorable!

Marcy said...

Adorable!! We're a big fan of the baby bjorn plastic bib (the one with the pocket for catching food). It's VERY helpful for keeping messes to a minimum... Of course, then you miss out on these amazing photo opps! lol)

Anonymous said...

That's both hilarious and absolutely disgusting.

I hate spaghettios.

The kid, I like.

LCW@ waking up williams said...

Some Orbitz will take care of that!!! Love it.

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