Monday, September 13, 2010


OHMAHGAH you guys this weekend is quite a blur.

If you don't know, the big wedding-slash-girl's weekend was this past Friday through Sunday and I am so tired and overwhelmed with stuff to do that I will have to keep this brief.

I have WAY TOO MANY photos to go through.
(Between Lake Weekend (weehaw!) and practice sessions and the squirrels and the girls? GAH!)
And then of course there's about 3000 weddings pictures and video to hone up on, so I have a busy week.

This weekend I have another wedding and a family session to gear up for.

I am so super tired and could sleep for 10 days.

Charlie is a super awesome Stay-At-Home Dad and with a few more bookings and my website debut coming in the near future, I would love for him to have his dream of staying home with the
kids come true! (BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ha. tee hee.)

I have a new nephew! There is a new Van Derven in town, and you have got to check him out!

Isn't he a doll?

GAH! SOMEBODY got more hair than all the girls put together!
Welcome to the family Nickel Joe!

I brought a 2nd shooter (very smart idea, BTW) to the wedding. It is my great friend Jayde and we had so much fun tromping around clicking shutters in Duluth, MN. (With no husbands or kids!)

We are totally making this a YEARLY thing.

Remember when you were little and had sleepovers and spend the night parties and always always ALWAYS you got in a fight with another girl and it just kept happening even in college (on road trips or as roommates)?

Well we just spent 3 days and 2 glorious nights and we didn't even get the least bit annoyed.


When this all blows over I think we should get an apartment together!

The clocktower in Duluth.

Wedding Photographer

And that is going to have to be it, folks, because I know I have at least 2700 pictures to go! But in case you are wondering how the wedding shoot went?

Here are a couple of teasers so you can see why I am loving going through these photos right now...

More on these guys later.


The Corbett Kid. said...

your new nephew is adorable! congrats auntie. and good job on the pics. can't wait to see more.

p.s. around here, it's customary to leave for 5 or more days to see what the Dad is REALLY capable of.

The Sears Family said...

Oh my...I get baby fever when I see BRAND new babies! So cute! And the Big sis looks like a natural!

So I am so excited to see the pics! Bride...I want to see the bride! Screw the boys!

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