Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Had Him at "GO GO GO!"

The other night Boom Boom and I had the most romantic impromptu evening since our wedding night. I guess the stars aligned or something, because with 2 little hellions in the house constantly clamoring for whatever it is they think they need at the moment. (Children are SO selfish.)

Anyhoo, we were reminiscing while watching "The Hangover" which is now in my Top 3 Favorite Movies category, and there is this one part in the movie that reminded me of our second first date.

Boom Boom and I met on Myspace and so we did lots of communicating over the computer, especially since the day after we actually met he had to go to Mexico for like, a month.

During that month, I had been dating this other guy, and Boom Boom? He had some dead end relationships with loose ends all over the country and one of them came to visit for the 4th of July.

It so happened that he dropped her off at the airport on the 6th of July, and the guy I was dating went out of town, and I asked him to come over and hang out.

I also might mention here, that he brought back gifts from Mexico, including a killer red Mexican blanket, and a teeny sombrero for my teeny little dog, Ono.


So we are hanging out with my Birth Mom and my Step Dad in the hot tub yucking it up drinking beers and of course, the old people bagged out early. I had only just moved into that house in February, so the whole step dad thing was a pretty new relationship for me too.

Anyhoo, we ended up going back to Boom Boom's place to drink his whiskey, and I ended up spending the night. (Dad, NOTHING happened! I SWEAR! But we were a little too tipsy to drive home, and I PROMISE he was a TOTAL gentleman.)

So the next morning, I had to be at work by 10, and I didn't have a car, so Boom Boom drove me home in his creepy molester style van. We were already starting to like each other a lot, and were joking and laughing when he pulled closer to my step dad's house, and I spied my step dad OUT IN THE FRONT YARD.

Boom Boom puts the brakes on and I get all military voiced and yell, "There's NORM! GO GO GO!" with military hand motions and Boom Boom, SHOCKED, floors the gas, the van speeds up and away we go, all breathless from the excitement of it all.

He turns to me and says, "Where are we going?"

And I, laughing maniacally, say "Oh, I don't care just make a loop and then drop me off in my driveway."

He thought I was CaRayZee.

And seriously, it was the hugest spectacle at 8:00 AM in our super quiet neighborhood in lovely listen to the leaves drop South Lake Tahoe. Especially considering the windows of the van (and every house on the block) were wide open.

But looking back, he totally admits, I had him at "GO GO GO."


Tricia said...

Oh to funny!

p.s. Love the Hangover

Anonymous said...

You had me at meatloaf sandwich. If memory serves me correctly...that was like 3 days before Go, Go, Go.

Jami said...

I met my husband on the internet too! And The Hangover? H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

The Corbett Kid. said...

the internet was also my meeting grounds. but at the time it was almost taboo. anyways, cute moment that made me giggle out loud, and my son wanted to know what was up! ha. i love hearing slices of other peoples' lives.

Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

I met my friends on the internet. That counts, right?

& lol. GO GO GO!

The Sears Family said...

Love it! You made me chuckle this morning!
Seriously he must have thought you were a charming nut after he drove away.


Family Sized Fun said...

i meet ALL my friends on the internet!
except the ones i have had since before the internet

it is the easiest place to meet people who "get" me

or who don't "get" pissed off by me

TheNextMartha said...

I enjoyed this story. thanks for sharing. This comment brought to you by NoCaffeine Jen. She sucks.

kris said...

This story of the van and the quiet and your military maneuvers? And new love? That has lasted?


You are so awesome.

I love you, internet friend.

Very much.


mylittlebecky said...

that's so funny! *i* met my chuck on the internet (match) and he tells people we met on myspace. *eyeroll*

Miranda said...

I have never seen The Hangover. I am a loser.

But I do meet lots of friends on the internet, so that counts for something, right?

Genina said...

Ha! OMG! I love it!!! You had me at "send me ketchup chips"

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

I yell things like that to my kids.


I take their potential black ops careers very seriously.

And you are brilliant.

Suz said...

Too funny! I love that movie too!

Anonymous said...

You told your Dad and me that you met KVD at a coffee shop.

Family Sized Fun said...

umm, anonymous?
he met YVONNE at a coffee shop
we first met face to face at the
wine shop/deli i worked at
but we were introduced to each other
on the internet


Anonymous said...

^ That is what I cal an awkward turtle...put one hand on top of the other and rotate thumbs. It looks like a turtle trying to swim...awkwardly.

And GO, GO, GO? Amazing.

Pua said...

That wasn't intended to be anonymous. Awkward turtle is awkward.

Anonymous said...

Didn't want to sign in.

Anonymous said...

Coffee shop is code word for the interwebs.

Adrienne said...

You know how much you crack me up, right? I think you do.

I met my husband on the internet, too, but before that was a normal thing. Back then? It was something you said in hushed tones, and we told almost everyone that we met by chance at the coffee shop where we had our first date.


Sigh. You make me happy.

Melinda said...

I found you through Kris at Pretty All True. I'm loving reading through your blog but this post is the most heartwarming & precious of all! Just a wonderful story in every sense of the word. A true masterpiece. GO GO GO!

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