Friday, August 6, 2010

Thoughts and stuff

So I am sitting in the adirondack chairs in the lobby of the YMCA which we just joined, side eyeing the Mt. Dew in Pepsi case in the cafe. (don't judge)

It's Latin Dancercize night and I have a killer view of the back row of the class (remind me NOT to choose the back row of the class) and i can still hear my kid screaming over what sounds (and is beginning to smell) like a Miami street carnival.

But this time? She is somebody else's problem.

This is the good life.

When I got here tonight I sat in the sauna to try and loosen up - unwind and my mind was just racing and spinning and my body was twitching and I thought I might scream and jump out of my skin.

So I came out here to the lobby.

To write.
To sigh.

To read some "new slow cooker recipes (under 400 calories)" from this budget "Family Circle" that boasts it's cheap tawdriness in BRIGHT YELLOW on the front cover.

"Only $2.79"

And although that selling point may actually be what led me to ultimately let myself indulge in this frivolous little joy (well that and the slow cooker recipes) I have noticed that, as I sit here among my "peers" at the "fitness club" that yellow banner of my social status has quickly become my "little dumpy friend with braces and glasses".

(So sorry little dumpy friend with braces and glasses.)


Speaking of little dumpy friends with glasses...BlogHer10 started today.

And although 6 months ago, I would have staunchly defended the "moms who blog", told you how "important it was for society and current culture" and how I wanted my blog to "make a difference out in the vast wild of chaos which is the interwebz", filled with buttons and companies fighting over adspace and reviews and giveaways, I feel a little different today.


Well today I just wish I was there playing "who has the prettiest shoes" and "let's get her drunk so I can steal them!"

Big sigh.

It's like only the BIGGEST MOM CONVENTION EVAR! And I just want THE WORLD to KNOW that next year?

Whatever it takes!
And I will BLOW THEM ALL AWAY with my footwear.


* i am not sure who photo credit goes to, but it isn't me this time.


BlogHer11 is in sunny SAN DIEGO!
Those skates? Are flipping PERF!
Also? San D will be SO MUCH easier for me to dress for than NYC.

Full conference passes are $198.
Obviously, airfare and lodging are also a factor.
If you can't sleep another night knowing I may be in this same little sad sack next year? I will be willing to accept donations for the cause of getting me to BlogHer11 to mom it up with all of my bloggy mom friends.


Alena said...

Um I'm considering buying just the party pass. Dude. I just want to wear pretty shoes, drink & be merry.

*Not really. I'd love to go to the full conference. But unless I have a sponsor to pay my way...I can't. So if someone wants to sponsor me. Click on my name and contact me. I'll have my people (me) talk to your people (you).

Family Sized Fun said...

for every dollar that is donated, i will in turn donate 2 pennies towards the Get Alena to the BlogHer on time" fund!

Marcy said...

It'd be so fun to go, if nothing else just to meet all these faboo moms whose blogs I've been reading. Doubt next year will work well... (will have a 8 months old breastfed kiddo) but maybe 2012...? Hmmm

Katherine said...

Howdy! just found you on Twitter, and Im buying my pass this afternoon! Lets probably be bffs.

Family Sized Fun said...

Oh let's!

Leah said...

It looks so fun! Plus? San Diego?!?

Also? I would love to crinkle my nose at you! :P

Family Sized Fun said...

::nose crinkle::
i'm ALWAYS the weird mom!
(upcoming post!)

kris said...

I will not be at any of these events.

I do not understand you people at all.

Not even.

Family Sized Fun said...

you can come to my house
and party for free
so we can hang out
and you can "not understand me"
in person
i'll even talk in a funny accent
with food crammed in my mouth
so you REALLY don't understand me

Anonymous said...

I hope you get to go. I would really (like extremely bad) like to go but I'm not a 'real' blogger and I know it would never happen *sniff sniff*

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