Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Kitty Story

Once upon a time their was a weeeeee little Godzilla Baby and BOY DID SHE LOVE KITTIES. Every time she went outside she went straight to the first kitty she saw and would pick him right up.

Sometimes by his back skin.

(poor kitty)

She would hold the kitty.

And point out parts of his anatomy.

She would hug the kitty.
Like he was the last kitty on Earth.
She LOVED him.

It was a sqweezy kind of love.

She would pet the kitty.
And he kinda even looked like he loved it.
Well at least for a minute.

All while his brother kitty watched on.


Also? Gratuitous Bacon. Because not everybody likes cats.
But EVERYBODY loves bacon.

Also a sqweeezy kind of love.


Raising Madison said...

I love this post like nobody's business. :)

thenextmartha said...

Very cute. I have to admit I'm sort of on brother kitty's side. But boy does she love that kitty.

monkey's mom said...

cutest post ever!

becca said...

bacon AND cats in one post? swoon! you've won me over. and brother kitty? is a very smart kitty!

Genina said...

Seriously - So Stinking CUTE! I love that the cat puts up with it :)adorable! Your Godzilla Baby reminds me of Elmira from Tiny Toons! :)

Katherine Klegin said...

1. godzilla baby is freaking precious.
2. i don't even like cats and that cat is cute.

Adrienne said...

Man, am I ever glad I read this one during the day because I laughed loud enough to wake the whole neighborhood.

Squeazy love! And bacon! It doesn't get better than that.

Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

My 19 mo daughter is also in LOVE with cats! We have a dog and a cat and while she likes both, she is clearly crazy about the feline child. And the stuff he puts up with from her amazes us. He is so patient and sweet with her. He has his claws, so we used to be nervous. But it is clear that he will never do anything to hurt her. Even if/when she kind of sort of deserves it. ;)

Their relationship began in utero. He would rub up against my belly and purr, and she would immediately start to move around and kick at him. LOL

kris said...

Your photos?

And your words?

You tell a story like no one else I know.

That is just awesome.

Leah said...

So cute! Plus? Your photos kick ass!

RJ Flamingo said...

Love kittehs... ADORED this post!

Marcy said...

Ha! This is like our house. Sierra won't go NEAR the kid. Nev, on the other hand? Well, you can check out my Wordless Wednesday post from yesterday... ; )

And then there's this series of pictures, which is one of my favorites ever:


LeeAnn said...

Love it! What a great cat to put up with all of that!

We have one cat that puts up with my daughter's torture, but the other cat runs every time she walks into the room.

Anonymous said...

What are your cat's names?

Family Sized Fun said...

thanks for all the purr-y love you guys!
cutest thing i EVER did was get kitties for the babies
it has been a hit!

i love hearing about your kids and kitties.

genina? elmira is a character originally based on me
red hair? check
sqweezy love? CHECK!

the black one is Speedbump Doback
the grey one is Coyote Bait Huff

I am not sure why they have different last names, maybe they are Stepbrothers?

BrerMatt said...

Godzilla Baby squeezy love.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Stepbrothers. Nice reference.

Christine @ SugarPlumTreasures said...

I love it - i wish my cats would let Sugar Plum love on them! I would pay them if they would just let her pet them (granted when they let her that close she pulls out handfulls of hair).

Anonymous said...

This post makes me smile!

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