Tuesday, August 3, 2010


14 months old? Getouttaheah!

That's just crazy.

I don't know how many of you went for the almost-twins gusto of back to back babies, but it is a grueling and daunting 1st year.

But THAT is SO 2 months ago.

Eden is fully aware of the functions and events of our daily life, and she is SO HAPPY to be an active part of that. A big thing? WALKING. She doesn't bend her knees but she can run, dance and bounce all bipedal like me, Dad and Madee. (Just when she resigned herself to being a cat.)

What's a kitty say?


Walking upright means wearing DRESSES! WEEEE! And I just love pulling out the ones I loved first seeing on Madee at this age.

It's the best part about hand-me-downs, the reminiscing, the remember whens.


She is SO funny. She loves to spin around and snuggle up and she has been all into caring for her baby dolls lately, gently wiping them and rolling them up in blankets. Feeding them and burping them and holding them under the water at bath time while laughing maniacally. (Um, whut?)

My little "Everyday Princess".

She loves the kitties so hard that she is grounded from touching them for a while. She is starting to break and rend everything that she can get her squeezy little hands on.

So Madee is about to really get all kinds of her own medicine.

Poor thing. (Godzilla Baby Wins)

She is always talking.
Words she says:
bobba (bottle)
meeuu (milk)
bam mama (grandmama)
teetees (kitties)
Hi Dad!
maNANA (banana)
heeyO! (hello)
sisser (sister)
Mada (Madee)
Hey Mom.
moMO (more)
behbeh (baby)
bah (bath)

She walks around the house all stiff legged with intention - she totally has an agenda. She will mosey right past you with her dolly in a stroller, and the wrestling matches have gotten rather intense.

She fully had Madee in a full Nelson + hair grab and I saw the whole thing - Madee STARTED it.

She should totally rethink her strategy.

Godzilla Baby Wins!

Anybody want a Nanner Sandwich?

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SkyWaitress said...

Aw! What a little sweetheart. I LOVE that tutu she's wearing.

Also bam mama as grandma? That cracks me up. Baby talk is the best.

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