Monday, August 9, 2010


There are some days that I just don't care about the internets.


But I know y'all are still out there, so feast your eyes on our beach time. First?

It was a last minute trip and it was POURING RAIN at home.

So you know it's good.
Boom Boom is really surfing now, y'all.

And it is all because I changed the banner to his surfboard and that sent him good juju.

Also, he may have had some helpful pointers from some young random guy in the water.

Thanks Random Guy!

No, I don't have a picture, because I was too distracted by the goofiness that goes on about a juice box in our shorter part of the family.

Um, pinky up?

Oh she can drink some juice box.

But she is only truly interested if it is her sister's.

These pics were taken after I had spent some time defending Madee's juice box, and there was much screaming and getting mad, and then Madee walked up and asked for her juice box, took a HUGE sip, let out a big "AHHHHHHHHH. That's yummy!" Then said, "Mine!" to Eden, and ran off in the beach wind laughing.

Both of them.

Here is E giving Boom Boom a few pointers for out in the water.

Madee loves the beach. The wind, the sand, the salty sea air - the digging, the building, the shouting at waves.

It is delicious to watch.

Uh, Madee? you got something coming out of your ear, honey.

(I told BB to suck it in, he doesn't really look this emaciated!)

My gorgeous girl at sunset.
Somebody got her Dada's eyes.
And bangs.

And that's it. No really. I mean of course there is more, somewhere, but I would have to dig deep, and I would rather just go be lazy and kiss these babies' faces!


Anonymous said...

such cuties!

Jaime said...

So "pinky up" has to be my new favorite picture of yours EVER! Before I even read what you wrote below it I was thinking of how Eden's look reminds me of what Aubrey looks when she snags something that doesn't belong to her. Such a smart ass victory smug/ pose. Ha!

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