Sunday, August 1, 2010


I don't have a lot to say today. I do, however have these adorable pictures from my mom's house this weekend, and I have to say they have inspired to me to do the exact thing again, but be deliberate about the photo session, because OHMAHGAH the cuteness here? Taste-able.

Eden looks quite the natural, actually, and I started to imagine getting the girls involved with music in a more hands on way. I mean, we have always had lots of instruments available for them: drums, bells, ringers, rattlers, guitars, xylophone, all sorts of shakers, harmonicas, but this is their first time (for both!) sitting at a piano.

And lord knows I am itching to get them playing some fiddle.

I remember always wanting a partner to sit with me and play duets, especially "Heart and Soul".

It was getting me all misty thinking about their future and the Christmases that they will be playing (or fighting at) the piano, and how they will be playing songs for each other, possibly to outdo each other, and how loud that is going to be.

"Give Mommy KISS!"

"Oh hey yah! Look at me! I better turn the page because we are totally playing a real song over here!"

How cool to have a little partner in crime.
Someone else to do time.
A mom that busts a nutty rhyme.
"whatever Mom, you are so NOT a rapper."

"Don't you pull something like that in front of my friends."


Adrienne said...

Holy crap, they are too damn beautiful. Gorgeous girls!

Also? You are in TROUBLLLLE!!!

litanyofbritt said...

Do you have a music together program in your area?

Burgh Baby said...

They look absolutely ADORABLE sitting there. It's as if they were born to play.

becca said...

your girls are gorgeous! love those dark eyes and rosy cheeks! that first photo is killer. KILLER!

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