Monday, August 23, 2010

Freaking DISNEY

If there is something I have simultaneously dreaded AND anticipated, it is the first time I take my kids to Disney.

I grew up here. I have been to Disney LOTS OF TIMES.
And several of those times have been with Matt.
But this time was special, because it was our first BIG FAMILY TRIP!

THANKS MATT! You rock the Disney-teque!

I have watched the families, seen the crying kids, watched the freak outs (good and bad) over the characters.

I still wasn't sure what to expect.

Happiest Place on Earth?

Eden wasn't easily convinced.

We were dripping with sweat before we walked into the park.


One of the first things we did was the carousel.
As you can see, Eden is NOT a morning person.
Or a horsey person.

We started out introducing Madee to characters like princesses. Not only does she know who they all are, but she knows they look like real people.

So, not scary.

We don't have Cinderella the movie, but Madee knows her anyway.

What is she looking at?

Because we all know Belle is the princess of the century.

Talking to Cindy, staring at Belle.

Let's get to the goodbyes lady, sure you are cool, but you are NOT Belle!

Of course she loves Belle. She GETS Belle. Belle likes to read and she is attracted to BIG HULKY guys and they have the same hard fake smile.

There's Dad and Madee on the Dumbo ride. Madee AND Eden's first big ride.

Everybody hold hands.

Are you happy yet, Ida?

K, how about NOW?

It must be almost noon, because morning grouch is coming around!
Musta been that huge messy popsicle all over her dress!

Sugar for the WIN!

Hahaha! There's a kinda happy girl!
Also? Eden was tall enough to ride this ride.
That is 32" with no shoes on.

Madee Andretti.
Two hands on the wheel.

She can hardly believe this is happening.

One press of the accelerator and she wanted back out.

Hand on the wheel EDEN!

Oh HAI Minnie!
I wasn't sure what she would think about the costumed characters - I have seen some kids really get scared.

Not my girl.
Going in for the hug.

Hi five Mickey! I LOVE your place!

Saying goodbye to the Mouses.
Question: if your last name is "Mouse" do we visit the "Mice" or the "Mouses"?

I almost bought the official photo of this serious alien shooting going on in the car behind us.
Boom Boom? Whooping butt and forgetting names.

The Happiest Girl on Earth.
In her Belle jewelry.

We actually made it from open to 4:30 in the afternoon.
And I am still tired!

***I hate my point and shoot.
****That is all.

Here are Matt's pics of my lovely ladies...

Madee sees Cinderella's castle.

I think she likes it.

Ida running through the streets like an urchin.

Drunk on popsicle and the freedom of movement.


brermatt said...

I'm glad we went. It was good times.

emily bilbrey said...

looks like quite an adventure! a good mix of fun & utterly exhausting!

also, holy crap, your kids are precious.

also-also, poppy has that gap sundress! (;


Leah said...


The random dancing comment? Cracked me up!

The picture with the castle in the background? Awesome.

Glad you had fun!

Anonymous said...

Our girls rock!!! BBVD

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