Friday, August 27, 2010

Fresh and Local

Here I am in my "Thinker" pose.
What to do? What to do?

Thursday nights is a little artsy Farmer's Market in College Park, much like the one in our own neighborhood on Monday nights, only this one actually has more veggies than jewelry.

And that just means I will have to hit them both.

Guess who I met?
This girl.

She's 18 months and OHSO cute. A face kisser, a kid licker, and a tight little body to boot. Also? She is looking for a forever home.

Luckily for BoomBoom he met her first and told his foster daddy we had a full house.


Me? Still thinking about sneaking her into the laundry room.
::side eye::

Madee is thinking of sneaking someone totally different into the laundry room.

Funny when I download the pictures, sometimes I see something I hadn't noticed. Like this "unknown assailant" with dinosaur tattoos nabbing cupcakes.

Umm, Madee? You gotta little something on your lips.

The girls at Bee's Knees are exactly that. Not only are they gorgeous, their teeny cupcakes are bite size pieces of heaven.

Just ask Eden.

Died and gone to heaven, doesn't even care if her dog came with her.

"What red velvet cupcake?"
I think she is ready for another.

I have a feeling that won't be the last time you see pictures of these girls' goodies. You can go to their blog here and follow them on twitter too! @BeesKneesSweets

You won't be disappointed!

Now speaking of bees, look at the adorable jars full of bee pollen!
ME? I have no use for the pollen but I am a sucker for little jars filled with pretty.


Oh the cuteness.

Also? Pretty little jams with to-die-for little lids.
So colorful, you can't help but smile.

Also, Ginger Jelly? YUM!

And the guys I came for...
Big Wheel Provisions

I didn't even KNOW that is who I was coming for, I was coming for the farm fresh non-salmonella eggs.

Little did I know they had all sorts of fancy goodness.

Do you see that little tricycle emblem they use? It's in the bottom right corner. I am in love.

But, again, that is not what I came for. (That is just the icing!)

They have grass fed local beef and also pork, and they make all sorts of delicious stuff. They serve a fresh natural dinner on their farmer's market nights, and teach culinary lessons. (individual or group)

They will come to your house and cook you a gourmet dinner, they will come do a cooking lesson party at your house! (I WANT THAT!)

And they cater.

And the owner? Tony? I may or may not want to be his new BFF.

And look at this adorable little statue of St. Anthony frying up some bacon in a cast iron skillet.

Not what I came for.

I came for these.

Boom Boom LOVES the eggs. Me? meh.
So I have barely noticed the recall or the lack of eggs since the nation has "scrambled" due to salmonella poisoning.

I also hadn't noticed this video and blog post by CNN.
Yep it's dated August 25th.
My 4th grade History/current event maven teacher would be so proud of my accidental relevance!

Did you read that? It says:
Our Happy hens are fed an all-vegetarian diet
of all natural high quality grains and we never
use antibiotics or steroids of any kind and we
use no animal by-products.
Taste the Difference.

And you better believe that Boom Boom broke into them this morning, and he swears he can "taste the difference!"

After frying a couple up, he wanted more, but these babies are being rationed out!


Anonymous said...


Jami said...

Your girls and those cupcakes are adorable. I think we are making some cupcakes this afternoon. :) I really need to try a farmer's market around here. I love fresh produce. :) Looks like you guys had fun.

Anonymous said...

Honeychild, my parents raise chickens and have tons of eggs that you can have free. Organic and steroid free.

Anonymous said...

Honeychild, my parents raise chickens and have tons of eggs that you can have free. Organic and steroid free.

Leah said...

I LOVE your pictures!

Also? I have those same glass bowls! I inherited them from my Memaw, they are my favorite.

kris said...

I felt like I was with you, wandering around and not quite hurrying to get what I came for. Lots of lovely distractions along the way.

Speaking of which?


Are gorgeous.


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