Friday, July 30, 2010


So it was a looooooooong week. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was just one more thing right after another and here is Friday afternoon, and I haven't even posted yet.

I have been doing Mommy's Time Out on Friday's, but this week? Mommy got no time out.

Currently, Mommy has drug random items and the kids out into the front yard for an impromptu garage sale and is working on making a double double date plan with the Martins who have a family with somebody for each of us (not the dogs but like THEY care!), so it is really a great family fit, and let me tell you that when I can't take a time out? A playdate is the next best thing.

I am so glad it is Friday.

Even though I have to work all weekend.

Anyhoo, I am sure it will be a weekend full of fun (as always) and you never know I may even find some treasures as I scan through people's yard sale items. Oh, American Pickers,

I think I can see some white where Eden's 4th tooth (that elusive BEAST) very well may be punching through (fingers crossed for her!) within the next few days, and she has also mastered saying "NO!" so that is going to make for a fun weekend for sure.

Also? She pretty much walks (toddles) full time, and she carries around this bug fat orange stuffed cat and her little curly pigtails and it is killing me with sadness and joy that my "baby" isn't really acting like a "baby" anymore.

She is quite pleased with herself.

Things Madee says:

"Sowwy Mommy" ::doe eyes::
"let's go SEA WORLD!" "PEESE!"

me: what's that on your face, honey?
Madee: it's eye cry, Mom. It's eye cry.

"Take Eden AWAY!"
"Madee wake up!"

First thing EVERY MORNING? "Let's go Mom. Time to go to TARGET!"

"Mommy needs her CopFee?"
"You okay Mom?"
"No, thank you!"

Almost everything she says is super freaking adorable.

So anyways, have a super weekend. Send me pictures. And lots of flowers. And possibly some rum.

And get off your toukas and come visit so I don't have to spend all my free time with the lame-o computer!

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