Friday, July 16, 2010

Time Out for Mommy: A Project 2/52

So I barely made it this week, waiting until Thursday, but you better believe I made it out. It has been a busy busy week for me, between kid stuff and career stuff, and I was super excited to kick it with 2 of my bestest friends.

I kicked the evening off at Cyndy's salon, getting my eyes uncovered. My bangs just grow so thick and fast that I have to swing in between haircuts, lest I start getting crazy in the mirror with my scissors.

Also? I lost my phone (AGAIN) so I was getting all mavericky and feeling super free.

Remember Cyndy? If someone held a gun to my head and I had to shoot you or her? Well, you just better hope that NEVER happens.


We used to live right next door to each other in an apartment building, so we didn't even have to walk across a yard to get to each other. Last night after she cut my bangs and started to close up shop, I was all, "You don't HAVE to, but do you want to hang out?"

I think a part of her MAJAH routined self hesitated, but I was all, "I will just do whatever you are doing, and you won't even know I am there, except that we will be drinking that Lite Beer from Miller and I might laugh kind of loud.

But, OH, she knows that.

Did I mention I lost my phone? Because that was kind of keeping me from staying in touch with Julie, who was also supposed to hang out with us. (with our "unscheduled" plans that I made for all of us.)

Luckily, the first thing I did when I met Julie was refer her to Cyndy for hair, and so I was still able to call her.

An aside? Cyndy remembers everybody's phone number, and I don't know anybody's.

Good match. (Better deal for me.)

Anyhoo, we grabbed nachos and beer and met Julie back at Cyndy's house and the 3 of us sat on the couch eating nachos and drinking that Lite Beer from Miller and laughing our nachos off watching an AFV wedding special edition.

Then we loved the hell out of this guy.

Cyndy is a critter keeper and actually, right now she only has 3, 2 GORGEOUS dogs that you will be seeing pictures of soon, and Mr. Niblet here, who will kiss and snuggle you, because despite all indicators that seem to disagree with me, this guy is not a squirrel at all, but some little lovey dovey stuck in a squirrels body.

He likes a little rubbing behind the ears. Precious.

It should be said that Cyndy is my hair's savior and I am so grateful that she is so talented. I thought my hair was looking pretty good, but she informed me it is time to do my color again (yay!) and so I will get some more salon time soon.

I could seriously just hang out there with her all the time and may have been known to do just that before I had chitluns.

In related news, my mom pulled out some awesome old pictures of when she did my hair.

I have many more, and I plan on sharing them all, but first I think you should look at this one.

I have decided to go on one of those "I never knew my brother" shows with Maury or Jerry or Oprah so I can be reunited with my REAL family members.


Jerseygyrl said...

HO.LEEE.SHIIIIT! OMG! I had to keep scrolling up & down a little to compare the pics! WOW... SO when you getting your sibling check, that's TOTALLY your brother!!! Love the poofed bangs pic, my absolute fave..(so far) =) <3 ya!

Jaime said...

So stinkin funny!

RJ Flamingo said...

Separated at birth! Or soon after!

You know I'm talking about the squirrel, right? ;-D

mylittlebecky said...

Squirrell! So kayoot! Must squeeeeeze!

Genina said...

OMG! Love this post, and your hair, fabulous! hahaha... Umm... btw, tell your friend I want her squirrel, stat. SO CUTE!!!

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

That is hilarious! Love that you tweeted @diablocody to let her know. :)

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