Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Cut

For those of you who play along at home, you may know that so far, I have cut Madee's hair myself.

A few things you should know:
I am not a professional
I learned everything I do know from Cyndy
Madee's hair is too crucial to her for me to continue doing this

Since we moved back to Orlando, and closer to my most treasured friend, who is also an incredibly talented hairstylist, I knew it was going to be time for an upgrade soon.

I only hoped that all the practice with my scissors was going to make this a more pleasant experience for all of us.

Madee ADORES Cyndy. She has also seen Cyndy cut Daddy's hair.
Yet as any kid would be, she was still a lee-tle timid at first.

This is her mustering up a smile for the camera.

Cyndy started with the bangs, since you never know how these things will develop. Madee had skipped her nap and was therefore a loose cannon.

And then it happened.

My timid little toddler looked up into the mirror, and I caught a glimpse of her in the future. She pushed her hair behind her ears, and looked up through her little lashes and my heart just stood still for a moment.

She was just so grown up. So beautiful.

I might mention here that Cyndy and I have been friends for 15 years or so, so I knew her long before I could even picture my own children.

I often imagined my younguns getting their haircuts by her, and after moving away and having them on the other side of the country, there was a part of me who didn't want to let go of that. As incredible a stylist she is, she was my friend first, and we have seen each other through tremendous highs and lows in life. We have grown apart and grown together and it is beyond touching for me to see her interacting with my little loves.

It is just one of those things that reminds me exactly how "home" I am. And assures me I am in the right place.

You know? My heart so needed this. Not that it is finished, but there is just - do you know what "home" is?

I am so glad I do.

::happy sigh::

And just like that, my baby, my toddler, my little lady was lowered in the pumping chair to the floor and felt very grown up.

She knows her hair is beautiful, and you know this because she pauses at her reflection, drags her stool to the bathroom mirror, gets lost looking at how she has recently changed.

And now I am totally jealous and want her hair but don't want to seem whole psycho like that whole Katie/Suri situation because it is the cutest cut, but it is her style and I want her to own that uniqueness.

She has her own style that kid.

But all she cares about is having her own Dum-Dum.


Anonymous said...

So happy you feel like you're home. And she is adorable! Thanks for sharing this. The pictures make it totally awesome too :)

Genina said...

OMG! I love it!!! So cute :)I just want to squeeeeeze her, and you!

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