Friday, July 2, 2010


I call her "Maybelline".

"Maybe" for short.

Charlie says "maybe NOT!"

Anyhoo, a good friend of mine found this poor baby dehydrated and almost dead. After a week of re-hydration and observation, it was time for her to find a place to rest and recuperate so she can find a forever family and home.

I must say, first of all, that she is a GREAT dog. She is thankful for our kitties, our dogs, AND our kids. She is a little skittish, but loves to be held and really just sits around.

Even Charlie has to admit she is a super good girl.

We are filling her up with love and food so she is ready to transition to her next destination. Because sometimes you just have to LOVE something God plops in your lap for while.

::kiss kiss:: who's a good girl?


Anonymous said...

She really is a cutie! And, Maybelline is an adorable name!

Jerseygyrl said...

That's the most pitiful GOAT I have ever seen... ;-P

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