Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Moments and Details

When we moved into this house, there was an established organic garden spitting out cabbages and tomatoes for our gastric pleasure.

It was SO COOL to eat something so fresh and clean and locally grown. But it isn't like I grew it.

But this guy? This guy I can totally claim as mine!

Meet Mr. Eggplant!

He's tiny so I will have to make a tampenade or some sort of bruschetta so that we can all share it!

Also? We got a little baby swing at a garage sale for $1 this weekend. (SCORE!)

So Eden can swing on our own playset now. Madee went first, and I waled her in the air because she's all, "higher! HIGHER!"

And then she threw up.

The cuteness we come home to.


I love love LOVE taking the girls to church. They have so much fun, meet new FWENDS, and I have been trying to make some friends there, too.

Our church is totally cazh, but yesterday, Madee wore the Easter dress I bought her that she hadn't even put on yet. It was freezing in Duluth for Easter, so it has been sitting back in the closet.

She's quite the head turner. Especially in a pretty dress. I mean, dress a little girl up and walk around town, in a store take her to a restaurant. You wouldn't believe how many people have to stop and stare and say something and tear up and soak in that moent when they see her.

She is a vision.

A vision of hope for the future, of faith in humanity, of kindness of strangers. She brings smiles to the surliest of faces.

She changes the world a face at a time.

Oh, Ammo. What a dude. He is still quite the lover. Also? A lover of the cat food. He has gotten so big he can no longer fit under the gate for the backyard fence. Yet still too young/naive/dumb to climb over. So if he finds himself in the back yard, he just meeeeaaaaaaaaaooooows until somebody opens the gate for him.

Oh. Goodness again.

Highlights of the weekend?

Friday - Hanging with sister Emily and then meeting the rest of the family for some yummy Sweet Tomatoes. I love love LOVE getting to spend so much time with them.

Also, Friday? Boom Boom got to surf.

Have you seen his new surfboard? It's almost as HAWT as he is in the water.


MORE surfing for Dad.
Garage sales for me, Mom and Em.
things I found:
a "D" for the alphabet wall.
a killer basket for the zen bathroom
Shrek DVD (SCORE!)
organizer cube storage bench for Madee's room to organize toys
Fisher Price infant to toddler outdoor swing

Also, I rented a 15mm 2:8 fisheye lens for my best friend's birthday shoot.
I used it alot.
I cried when I saw the pictures.
So I can only imagine what she will do when she sees them.
Here's a sneakity preview.


Katherine Klegin said...

LOVE those photos. That lens is spectacular. Definitely will be looking into that one next time.

Genina said...

Awwww! I'm in love with your weekend, and the pretty little pink dress on your DD,
The door to your house is so awesome! And the dog photos, beautiful!


Gigi said...

I love your house...looks so awesome! Pix of your daughter are precious.

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