Thursday, July 15, 2010


This is the best playground ever - and there isn't even a swing in sight. This Florida heat gets to all of us over here, especially my little Alpine Princesses.

But the other day we ventured out to this fountain of fun (FUN-tain?) and both of my girls were gaga over this crazy water feature.

Not only were there other loco little pollos running around with their heads cut off (FWENDS) but there was shade and other mommies and it was awesome to just let them loose in this space knowing they were too fascinated to wander off.

All the kids were running around trying to capture water drops as big as baseballs into cups and buckets and whatnot. (Note to self: bring buckets next time.) Madee made do with Eden's bottle.

Eden just loved it. She would crawl around the little fountains, get lost in a deluge of waterfall and just laugh and splash like it was no big thing.

Madee's first look into the fountain to see why it isn't spraying - OH! was a surprise I wasn't sure she would appreciate, but she just kept going back for more.

In fact, she never wanted to leave.

Eden wore out early, there was so much fun and friends and splashing.

At some point I just had to cut them off and get them fed and ready for naptime.

It was easily the easiest playground outing we have ever had, since Eden could fully participate.

These girls love water. Not submerging in it, per se, but definitely playing with it.

We barely made it home before they were sleeping, and they slept HARD - in fact, I even got a little nap in.

So you know we will be going back there a lot.

It's free.
It's easy.
It's refreshing.
It's friendly.
It's fun!


John said...

There is a fountain like this in Silver Spring, MD - within walking distance of several of my friends. One of my favorite activities when I visit is to eat brunch outside & just watch the kids play . . . now that I have two of my own, I'll be making arrangements to spend LOTS of time down there once they're both able to walk.

Adrienne said...

Your girls are just so damn juicy!

Jerseygyrl said...

It's RIDICULOUS how SQUEEZABLE they are! Incredibly adorable in their bathing suits!! I heart them!!

Steph said...

Where in the world is this splash park?!?! I haven't seen it before! I wanna take the kids!

Family Sized Fun said...

it's caddy corner from dexter's in winter park!
it's awesome.
it's shady
bring your lunch!
and your camera!

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