Monday, July 5, 2010

Google Me

Sometimes Boom Boom and I get all Magnum PI and start researching and googling people. People like my Dad or my Mom.

And then he googles me.

I mean who even knows what is coming up on the first page of google?

I was actually just a little bit proud of mine.

So I made it into a Top 10 list.

Top Ten Coolest Things On My Main Google Page

10. it seems i meet all my friends on the internet - i just got a new one from craigslist ! ...

sick babies are so selfish and the internet broke up with me. i guess it is time to watch anchorman. ...

Nursing 26 year old mother in England sells excess breast milk...

7. I need a new vacuum BAD! ...

wow. that is totally the sweetest thing i have ever read you say… ...

you are our all time favorite! come back home and give us some kisses!

4. so used to being a gypsy that it just feels like "back to normal" what's gonna be weird? settling down for a while.

3. there is nothing sweeter than checking my kids before i go 2 bed. they are so angelic i have 2 touch them sometimes 2 see if they are real.

2. thanks i totally need kisses and hugs.

1. I'm not wearing pants. Grab me a beer and maybe some Fritos. And check on the kids while you're up.

What is the coolest thing that comes up when you Google your name?


Anonymous said...

No Now that sounds like a party.

Gigi said...

Wow. there's a star in the IMDB with my name. Who knew?

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