Monday, July 12, 2010

Eden, Granddaddy and More Eden

When Grandaddy was over for 4th of July GTG, Eden just stood up and walked to him. She takes steps here and there, but she is not so motivated to commit to walking full-time right now.

What is she doing lately?

A whole lotta clowning around. This kid thinks anything and everything is hilARious. I love taking her to the grocery store because you swing by the milk aisle and this kid DIES.

In related news, this kid drinks ALOT of milk.

Things she says:
Here ya go*
Thank you*

* all these words sound pretty much the same.

And, well actually she says a lot of things right after you say it, but I am not claiming she knows what she is talking about. She is just really good at mimicking words and noises.

Oh, and she is really good at screaming at the top of her lungs.

She is stalled on cutting tooth #8 and I don't know how many others, but it has been a miserable clammy sweaty bitey screamy screamFEST over here. We call it SCREAMFEST 2010 and it heralds the ever anticipated and critically acclaimed Christmas 2010 which, by the way, is going to be awesome, please bring your own beer!

Can I just say after several white Christmases I am excited to know that we will be decorating palm trees this year?

So I may have mentioned this before, but ever since us kids moved out (kind of) my Dad has been pimping out the house and yard in grew up in. In fact, he got yard of the month this month, and quite honestly, he should get it every month, because this yard is to die for!

(I bet you thought these were taken in a park!)

Anyhoo, back to Eden. She climbs all over our...well, she climbs all over our everything. She has been covered in bug bites and bruises and scratches, because the world is HARD and scratchy. There are lots of spills and tears and bumps and screams, but she is SUPER fast at crawling (it's creepy) and she can climb playsets and slides and couches and has NO FEAR of heights despite her previous experience with gravity.

Let's just say you have to keep an eye on this one.

She is the snuggliest laughiest baby I have ever personally known. In fact she can get me rolling with her laughter until it hurts or I pee. Or both.

She loves to read books, and whereas Madee loved to ride them and tear them to shreds like a hamster when she was this age, Eden will sit and turn pages quite carefully.

But she will eat ANY ART SUPPLY available, and sometimes fully poops play-do and crayons.

She wants to do anything her sister is doing, LOVES the kitties HARD and picks them up all by herself and squeezes them. Precious.

Also she likes to "tittle tittle" Zoose with her little fingers out doing the tickle wiggle, and occasionally fully lays on him she loves him so.

She is a singer and a shoulder shimmier. She will sing any song we sing and especially loves Ariel the Mermaid's song. She is always singing. She is also close to on key so I doubt she's gonna stop. She loves live music and her little shoulders start spazzing out in an Elaine Benes-esque jerking motion when she gets wrapped up in melody.

She REALLY frigging cute.

Also, she will still snatch your glasses right off your face, no matter how many times you say "no!" and she will even shake her head "no!" when she does it because she knows she isn't supposed to do that.

In related news, she LOVES a time out, because she has seen Madee "Get to do" that for some time now and feels all big girl and badass when it happens to her.

She is a stinker. I think I will start calling her "Skunk".

I love you pookie. You are SO Pepe LePew!


Suzanne @ pretty*swell said...

Those legs? To die for!! Such a cutie!

Jamie said...

She is so adorable. I really love the toddler stage. It's so much fun!

Stacey said...

Wow! I can totally see why he got yard of the month! My grass will NEVER look that good. My boy is 18 months and he sounds a lot like Eden. He loves his books, and turns the pages carefully too. He has ripped a few though. But he'd rather have his books than any other toy. He's full of the bumps bruises and scratches too. Good grief does this boy take tumbles. I feel my heart seize up sometimes!

I adore these pictures! And I have to agree with the 1st those cubby little thighs!!!

Anonymous said...

I love these sweet pictures! I also love the humorous way that you write. I am glad that you are back down in the sun again!

Tara Henjum said...

you guys look so happy in the south! miss you sooooo much and love those babies:)

rouget said...

will which one is having all the fun...hope all is well..

Anonymous said...

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