Tuesday, June 5, 2012

She's 3!

And here are all the details!
First, she told me she wanted a "Bird Birthday" where LIVE BIRDS flew out of her cake when I cut it.

Ummm, what?
So I started pushing the whole mermaid birthday party thinking that it was going to be waaaaaay easier.
Not "The Little Mermaid".
And then I found out there is great lack in this world of mermaid type items...

So I whipped up some home made play do and made this cake topper.

And we bought her an awesome mermaid book.
And made awesome mermaid chalk drawings.

And her dad painted her this adorable mermaid picture.

And we invited like 15 of her little mermaid friends.

And it was FANTASTIC.
And she approved.
Make a wish little nugget...
And blow!
And then freak out a little!
Her favorite party gift...
Because, DUH!

1 comment:

the corbett kid. said...

the birthday party couldn't have turned out any more perfect. looks like you guys all had a wonderful time. XOXO

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