Monday, July 30, 2012

Lake Week II

Eden Calls my Granddaddy "Granddaddy GREAT!"

 She nailed it.

 So many great kisses.
 Favorite shot.
 We brought our paddleboards.

Madee swam up behind mine and pushed and I flipped over the back end.
She laughed for days.

These girls are stinking cute.
 And this one is trouble for sure.

 Cute girls.
 Beastie Boy Girl
 I eat those thighs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"Come with me!"

 Sassy gang signer.

 The best.

 Sister Love

Lee County.
The random dog who wanted me to take her home.
I did.
(To her owner.)

 Baby love to fly!

 Fly Baby! Fly!

Another great day!

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