Monday, January 18, 2010

Duluth, Minnesota

For some reason, I can't upload pictures today.


Anyway, we have made it to Duluth and are all settled in our little 1 bedroom apartment right downtown. It is really plenty of space for us. Dad goes to the office for work.

It is a totally different lifestyle for us.

I would tell you what I think of it, but it has only been one day and all, so I don't know yet.

But we like it here.

It hasn't even been that cold so far. (Oh yes, I know it is coming eventually.)

Anyhoo. Hopefully I will get some pictures up at some point. Our ride here was nice, we stayed in the cutest little Best Western in Lusk, WY, we took a drive by Mount Rushmore, we seriously booked it across America and the kids were awesome.

The neatest part was the Needles Highway, twisting and turning and tunneling the way to Mount Rushmore, The Corn Palace, which I like to call the Porn Callous because it always makes Charlie laugh. Okay we actually didn't go by the Porn Callous this time, but I still thought I would mention it.

Oh. And all throughout Wyoming and South Dakota everybody was just so nice. They all wave at each other and say hi even from across the street.

And when you are driving around, any time your car comes up on someone else's car, they wave at you.

Like to say "Hi."

Which is just so much different than in Southern CA where people are always flipping us the bird and cutting us off.

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