Friday, July 22, 2011

My Heart Swells

There is just something about seeing my kids with my parents. Something that just makes sense, feels right, gives me warm feelings in my heart space.

Do you get that way?

Watching my parents with these little beings, who they have SO MUCH love for, and the kids? well let's just say instead of saying "cheese!" for pictures, these two say "GA-MAMA!"

Spending a week at the lakehouse with them was a huge bonding time for all of them, and it really touched me to see them start to make the kind of memories that they will keep in their heart forever. Memories of family, and fun, and figuring out the places that ultimately they come from, even if they aren't there everyday, or haven't really even been there before.

Tonight is our first attempt at an all-nighter at GA-MAMAs house. I am a little nervous, mostly for my mom, but also for Eden, who is a little young to understand what we are talking about here.

Madee is ready (so ready) to have a night out of my house - she is SO EXCITED to spend the night away.

So cross your fingers people, because this is definitely a trend I could make myself get used to...

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Erin said...

My daughter hates when we leave my mom's house, and has stayed over night with both grandmothers several times in her life already, starting when she was just 10 weeks old! Whether we were gone for vacation or just a kid-free night, it was a great experience for all of us. :)

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