Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Day Eve

Here I sit with Ono the night before my wedding, 4 years ago today, at my super mellow bachelorette party, where we filled little goody bags with kettle corn for favors for my guests.

I can't help but notice how young we both look.

In lieu of a rehearsal dinner, we had a cookout with all of our family and friends who had traveled into the remote woods of South Lake Tahoe to celebrate our union.

We aren't really a "practice" kind of couple anyway, so we just winged our wedding day without concern for who would stand where, or who would say what.

I love this picture.

My best friend, and maid of honor, Lisa. She is a most prized friendship and she is one of the few things I miss back West.

And I miss her DEARLY.

Seriously, there should be way more Lisa's in the world. Not generic Lisa's, but clones of this particular one.

Thought I would clarify.

Funny how I used to look at my grandmother's wedding photos, thinking she looked so young and vibrant and beautiful, and I can already find myself getting all misty and nostalgic while flipping through my own wedding album now.

I really wish I still had these upper arms.

I am still in disbelief that so much time has weathered my person, yet it still seems like a blink of an eye. So much has changed. So much beautiful.

And tomorrow I celebrate - WE CELEBRATE - that day we decided to change the course of our lives to follow the same path.

Til death do us part.


Sam said...

Nicely said! My Dad used to tell us, "the days are long, but the years are short." And as young as you STILL are... life has barely stepped on the accelerator!! Strap yourself in, kid... it's gonna' be a wild ride!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I completely missed this post last week. You're beautiful girl. We all get older....many have children and stress in their lives, few retain beauty the way you have.

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