Tuesday, January 10, 2012

She's 4

 All year she has been talking about her "Snow White Birthday" but at the last minute? She changed her mind.

And also at the last minute? I whipped up this fancy Barbie cake so her dreams could come true!

 No worries. It was easier than you think.
Can you believe she's 4?
Yesterday on the way to school, she tells me, "MOM! I just read a WORDS! S-T-O-P! STOP!"

And the other day, she tells me,"When the tooth fairy comes and gets my tooth and leaves me money under my pillow? I'm gonna SAVE that money and buy a giraffe. WRITE THAT DOWN MOM!"
Indeed I will, Madee.

She greeted every guest at her party with a smile and a "Thank you for my gift!" as she ran away with them to the present area.

I love her.

I love everything ABSOLUTELY everything about her.

How could I not?

 Here is a fun link to the first month of her life.
She was SUCH a beautiful baby.
She is such a beautiful girl.

She has to stop anybody and everybody and ask them their business, their name, and whatnot.
She is beyond charming.
She is still mine.
For now.

When she asks me to take her to school, i rush through getting ready for work and do my best to make it happen. I love to drop her off with her friends. They all hug each other and tell each other how much they missed each other and then they have their own world.

A world where I can see how she is less mine. How she will be less mine the more I share her, the more she shares herself. And she does. She loves to share.

 She is the love in my heart.
The laughter in my soul.
And goodness knows she can test my metal.

But it is easy for me to remember how much I always wanted her.
Since I was a child, playing with baby dolls.
As I grew, thinking of how my children my be.
When I met her father, and knew she was going to be real.
The first time I held her.
Every time since.
The way she feels all curled up in my middle when I spoon her.
The way she throws her head back when she laughs.
The things she tells me.
The things she reminds me off.
She is so many things.

 And today she is 4. Beautiful, wonderful, adorable 4.
We love you baby.
Like a firecracker.


Gina said...

Happy happy birthday!!

I remember those Barbie cakes from my childhood - LOVE!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday my little Angel! You are one cool little girl. How lucky I am to be your dad.

-Boom Boom

the corbett kid. said...

it's so hard to see them grow up and on, but it's also so awesome to see them grow into themselves. :)

happy birthday!!

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