Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas is Happening, People!

But here is a synopsis of other things that have happened right here, and I just haven't told you about it all yet.

Trick or Treating:

The girls got to do the rounds with their best friends.
There was a lot of giggling, running and candy eating involved.
Now they want to do this ALL THE TIME.

My favorite Halloween picture. That's my own parked car - do not be afraid, she was never in harm's way.

I told them to stay at the door with their treats bags extended until someone shut the door on them. Madee clearly took me seriously.

We went to the ZOO!
The Sanford zoo is tiny.
But there are a lot of keepers holding animals to pet along the way.

And lots of other random fun things to do.

Sophia's growly face.

Madee's "RAWR".

Listening to keepers talk about macaws.

The littlest feeding some yak looking things.

The cuteness we truck around town most of the time.

The races. Madee is clearly a rocket.

Girls do lunch!

And then there is ballet.
Madee loves ballet class.
And talking about ballet.
She works really hard at it.

The littles want to go to ballet class too.
But they have a good time raising a stink in the waiting area.

And we had our first horse ride.
They LOVED it.

And as always my little helpers are at the ready to help with any muffin making I might have going on.

Even if Eden's idea of helping is helping herself to spoonfuls of muffin mix.

We hope you guys have great holidays and we can't wait to share our holiday pictures with you!
Merry Christmas!
The Dervs

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