Friday, December 9, 2011

Last Days of Summer

Here are some pictures from one of our last summer beach days.
Not that it isn't 72 degrees today.
But the ocean water is definitely colder now, so we aren't so bathing suit-y when we play on the beach lately.

Beach fun fact: bikes are better on the beach. During low tide you can ride for miles, even if you are a little guy with a little bike.

And THAT makes for even more beach fun.
Madee loves to paint toenails. Here is the job she did on her sister. I should have taken an "after beach" picture because when the sand rubbed the paint off the skin it looked like it was done by a pro!

My angel. (mostly)
All growed up and jumping and surfing.

These two are the cutest two, and they are making their impression as beach locals.
I love them.

Dontcha just want to kiss her cheek?
I can't keep my lips off them!

My new favorite picture of the Littlest Van Derven.

Our lighthouse. which I will showcase in greater detail next week!

A random add on of a bike day. Yeah I totally roll with Little and the O in my trailer. Madee has a tagalong hooked up to Dad's bike. so we basically roll around oozing cute family vibes.

Have I told you about my new job(s)?
Not that I have time to right now, but I do have to go attend to that for a bit.
Have a great weekend, buy local, and love your babies til they claw their way out of your grasp.

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