Thursday, August 9, 2012

On Your Mark

 Get set...

Strong arm them out of the way!

 Beach crowd
 My Madee

 Cleaning out a turtle nest. This is our landlord, and he works with the Sea Turtles in Volusia County. This time of year, he calls us when they are cleaning out a nest that has hatched. Sometimes they find live hatchers. Sometimes they find ones that didn't make it.

This particular nest was all finished hatching. looks at the eggs! They look all rubbery and weird! This haul had 109 eggs, 105 successfully hatched and off to start a life! Pretty good odds!



 The trophy husband.

 Rock and Roll
 Ice cream
 Such a big day. Hours at the beach, Back to the beach for turtles, then ice cream. Tired Sun eyes.

Kid can hula hoop.


 Kid can melt my heart.

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