Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Table

Last time my mom came to town, I sold our dining table to raise some funds to redo my bedroom. 
It was big and bulky and not my style, so I was happy to see it go for exactly what I paid for it, $150.

Interestingly enough, the lady that bought the table from me gave me her existing dining table for free.

So, I guess I really made out on that deal.

It was basic, and boring, and coated in some kind of nasty varnish, topped with what I am guessing was a layer of exhaled nicotine and tar.

It looks pretty in this picture, but it was gross, and stuff STUCK TO IT.


Anyhoo, Charlz sanded it for me, and we banged it up a little, slapped some layers of paint on it, sanded it, and stained the top.

And now it's my FAVORITE!
So perfect (and beachy) for it's little space!

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the corbett kid. said...

looks so lovely. did you redo the top too? i love that colour. :)

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