Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Lots of things are stirring around here. Like wacky toddlers running around with runny noses and their heads cut off.

Have I ever told you how Eden is an animal person? I don't even thinks she knows it, but she is. All the animals LOVE her, no matter how HARD she loves back.

She tends to put the "OW" in "meow", hunh, Mr. Kiggy?

Eden and her Grandpa Tom (PopPop) headed for some barbecue. Did you know PopPop used to have porkchop sideburns and a mustache and he smoked a pipe?

How very beatnik of him.

Also? He never had barbecue until like, 6 years ago.

I wonder what he ate?

Also, sometime recently the girls and I went to our first "Girls at Starbucks" date. Here is Madee stirring up her "chocolate HOT".

Eden likes hers, too.

My life is like this ALL THE TIME:

"Can't catch ME!!"


With alot of cuteness in between.

Merry Christmas Eve, everybody. See you sometime after Santa comes!

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