Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday UPdate, yall

So, yah, about last week. ::side eye::
It was a weird week. Mostly because I was driving my best friend's mom to and from work, not sleeping with a teething Eden, and you have no idea the excitement, GRAMEE!

We have done so much shopping and bopping and driving and eating and seriously, the holiday merriment is only just beginning.

That said, I was much to discombobulated to do anything at all on the internets.

But look at the cuteness of my kids!
Double Retail Trouble

Pretty Little Lady

Oh, Madee you are just so smart. And such a lover. You LOVE your sister. You guys are finally having SO MUCH FUN together. You are making memories together. You guys do a whole lot of hilarious laughing.

You have also become such a darling little shopping/lunch/outing buddy as long as Eden isn't there to instigate some trouble.

You have become a little lady. You love to show off your room to new people. You want to start school SO BAD. You love to go garage sale-ing and often ask to go to Target to gaze at all the Tinkerbell toys.

I call you "Tink" all the time. You are delicious. You run really fast and you love to help me cook.

You are funny. And fun to be with.

You like to be held hard and close and you can snuggle better than anyone on the planet. You love your animals, and movies, and your Dad.

You are incredible.

And YOU, Eden. Well, YOU are a houligan. Whenever we are in public, though you just stay really quiet and stare at people and act all innocent. You love to say "NO." You don't like to hear it very often.

This is you saying "NO."

You have so much going on in your head, kiddo. You are smart beyond your words, and I know that is so frustrating.

I know because when you get frustrated you turn quite violent and thrash and head butt and punch. You are a fighter. You already kick Mad's butt and she will call time out out of fear of you and then start it all back up again and you always have some more whoop ass to hand out.

I am astounded at the things you know, and I know you feel pressure to just know and do everything your sister can do, but make sure you do your things in your own time.

You LOVE to sing, and dance, and you are very good at puzzles. You love play do and chalk and colors and all things artsy and crafty. You are a clown and you love to laugh real hard from your belly.

We love your room. You have a king bed and a TV with a DVD/VCR and the whole family loves to puppy pile on your bed and watch a movie together.

Then you pass out. And everybody sneaks out. It is the ultimate party room.

You KNOW things, kid. And I can't wait until you can share them with me. When we have special just you and me time? We are besties. i love to hold you. Your kisses are sweet like hot chocolate and they warm my whole soul.

You guys are so lucky to have each other. I am glad you like each other so much and I am really proud that I get to point to the 2 of you when I am pointing out MY kids.

Not that it is ever much of a mystery to anyone else.

Since yall act JUST LIKE me.

(Good luck with that!)


Anonymous said...

Wow. I have been waiting for this post for more than a week. It did not disappoint! More cool pictures of Boom Boom doing cool dad stuff please.

-Anonymous commenter

Rockabilly Hippie said...

absolutely LOVED those photos! Cute isn't even the right word. Adorable! I love the ones of them together. I always enjoy your blog posts, thanks!

Much love,
Rockabilly Hippie

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