Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Cupcake Story

I love to cook.
Like LOVE it.
I started when I was 11 and I never looked back.
I love food.
I love to smell it and combine it and dish it up and eat it.

So it is no wonder the girls drag their chairs into the kitchen every time I start to chef something up.

Like, EVERY time.
And I?
Am not the cornerstone of patience. Especially if one is not doing things the way I do them.
Yet I try to incorporate the toddlers into these activities at their own skills level.

They make pizza, crack eggs, stir stuff up, help with salad, and the other day they just HAD to make the cupcakes.

So I gathered all the ingredients in little bowls and supervised as they combined them and handed them utensils and before I even gave them any direction they were screaming at each other and pulling at the bowl and I ended up looking like this.

That face is my "I am already annoyed" face.
Yet I step back and let their magic happen.

Their way.

Eden's way is especially messy.

But since her smile is worth a herd of purple unicorns, her way is breathtakingly beautiful.

Hey, I told them not to eat it and they didn't get salmonella so it all worked out.

I actually cleaned E up in between the mixing and pouring sessions.

The concentration. Cupcakes are serious business.

Madee prefers to cook in the buff so she is wearing my vintage Starbucks apron.
Be jealous.
You DON'T have one.

Eden just kept filling the same cup with batter.
I bet you will never guess which one I mean.

Synchronized cupcakes.

All ready for the oven.
Well, almost ready for the oven.

Somebody's side needed a wipe.

It is hard to let the cupcakes go in AS IS, but dude, they are cupcakes. Any lost batter is minus the calories and any messed up cupcake is still a cupcake.

Anyhoo they all turned out perfect, so...

The End

Epilogue: The cupcakes lived happily ever after. In my tummy. YUM!
Also? Happy Birthday Matt!

Cupcake batter is Betty Crocker. I don't do from scratch, since Betty rocks it right!


Meredith said...

Oh wow! What a couple of cutie pies! What a fun Mom you are!

The Corbett Kid. said...

you are a brave woman. i shall try to do this one day. if i can get past "the annoyed face stage."

TheNextMartha said...

I'd still eat 5 of those.

Anonymous said...

those look good. i could definitely eat 8 to 12. maybe more. @mikemoore72

Sluiter Nation said...

1. you are cute

2. I am jealous of your ability to just let the girls and your counters get so messy in the name of learning and fun.

3. I am with Jen, I would eat that whole batch in one sitting.

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