Thursday, February 3, 2011

Garden Update

Little bitty sprouty nubs of brussel-y goodness!
They are SO TINY!
I have had my eye out for some sign of growing, and I am so excited for them to get big and strong and delicious!

And though I have seen NO SIGN of nary a berry, these strawberry plants are so lush and gorgeous.

And my fave is the way the water beads up on them after a good dousing.

Like a little water tiara. Beautiful!

Seriously, this garden is so satisfying in so many ways beyond eating food.
Feast for the eyes, enh?

And this is a surprise. I was pulling weeds and cleaning up leaves when I saw this growing around my Dill Tree.

Can anybody ID this one for me before I decide it is a weed? It looks like parsley?

Need a closer look at the leaves?


mylittlebecky said...

I'm so jelly of your strawbrary plants! too cute!

Rockabilly Hippie said...

looking good!!!! I noticed new strawberry plants don't always produce fruit the first year... so don't be discouraged! Plus it's still early :-)

TheNextMartha said...

Looks like parsley to me. Snip off a piece and smell it. :)

The Corbett Kid. said...

strawbs!! the water beads are lovely.

NeeNee said...

yummy ... you inspired me - i have plants sprouting from my seeds. we have a garden too :o)

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