Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More of the Cousins

Because seriously, who could get too much of this?

and this...

and this?

Three toddlers makes for a wacky middle row in the truck.

If they were full time, there would be a third row seat rotation so they couldn't touch.
Gotta leave em wanting more...

Ever wake up on the "wrong side" of the bed?
Not these ladies. Well, not during Van Vacation.

Scary that one day they actually will be getting into a real REAL car together and driving away to make their trouble.

I see an older Madee in this picture of her. She found my old old glasses.
She LOVES horses.

But I am pretty sure she loves RACHEL more!


Erin said...

What kind of truck do you have? Cuz I have a rather large Mazda CX-9, and I don't think I could fit 3 car seats in the middle row... I'm impressed!

Oh, yeah, and the kids are adorable, but you knew that already. ;)

Genina said...

Great photos!!!! Love this post <3

Anonymous said...

I love horses too!

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