Monday, January 31, 2011

Pure Happy

Oh, to be so young and so wild and so in love with EVERYTHING. If they could do this every day they would.

So last week I could barely even be bothered by technology with 3 toddlers in the house. We had SO MUCH FUN with cousin Rachel that we are still recovering from it all. Madee has been waiting and waiting and waiting (maybe I told her about it too early?) for her cousin Rachel to come visit her house and boy was it just the best vacation ever. Only for us it was a stay-cation so even better.

We ran and played and shopped and ate and didn't do a lot of napping, because it was go-go-go all the days long and into the nights.

But there is this:

and this...

They grew together during this visit. They banded together, loved each other hard, shared and giggled and laughed and learned together.

And we watched as they turned from "our kids" to "each other's cousin and possibly BESTEST FWEND."

They know they belong together, that they are connected. That they are family.

And it was a beautiful thing to behold. So natural, so sweet, so pure.

I really hope they always have that together. How lucky for their little hearts.


Anonymous said...

CUTE pictures!

Adrienne said...

Oh, my.

All these pictures are fabulous, but that first one? Madee's and Rachel's faces are wide open, just radiating joy.

Oh, little girls. There is nothing in the world quite like little girl love affairs!

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