Thursday, January 13, 2011

Madee's Room

This was Madee's nursery. The one she came home to. Awwww. My little angel.

But she is a "BIG GIRL" now. She knows she is 3 now, and says 2 is "goooo-oone b-bye!"

This is her room now.
The side view from her bed.

All those mirrors? She can get lost just gazing into them, watching her face go through words and emotions.
Her corner of dollhouse items and books. She always has twinkly lights in her room. It's kind of her thing.

The banner holds all of her birthday cards. So she can celebrate everyone's love for her every day.

I found her sleigh bed at a garage sale, and instantly fell in love. removed the slats and threw the mattress right in and she has the perfect little bed "boat" with sides to keep her in. It's super cozy!

The view from laying on her pillows in bed. Nice view of the Disney movies.

She LOVES her room. She disappears in there with the door locked quite often and you can hear her playing with her guys, or singing and dancing in her dress up clothes.

Cute stuff, that kiddo.


@ChelleBuggin said...

Such a sweet little room. Who wouldn't love it?

The Corbett Kid. said...

m+o have a blank slate for a room! i'm looking forward to making it their own.

madee's room? who wouldn't love to hang in there?

TheNextMartha said...

I have two boys so I will never have anything this sweet, but my kids rooms? The coolest.

Anonymous said...

I love it! Will you come decorate my kids' rooms?!

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